Why pH Neutral Cleaning?

Compatible and Gentle


Works with a large range of standard and innovative materials, is easy to rinse, and is gentle on precision cleaning equipment.

Tough on Flux and Other Residue

Environmentally Sound


Matches the performance of top-rated alkaline products for standard assemblies, and exceeds them when it comes to under-component cleaning.

Makes complying with wastewater disposal regulations a snap and improves worker safety.

High-reliabilty applications with critical precision electronics require the utmost care for accurate lifetime performance. While rigorous cleaning with acidic solutions can deliver immediate results at low cost-per-gallon prices, long-term exposure can compromise the reliability of some sensitive assemblies.

Learn how pH neutral chemistries can:

  • Extend the lifespan of critical technologies
  • Provide exceptional under-component cleaning for tight assemblies
  • Supply compatible cleaning for a wide variety materials
  • Reduce wastewater neutralization requirements and disposal costs
  • Keep your cost-per-bath cleaning budget down while still maintaining optimum performance


What pH Neutral Solutions Can Do For You!

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pH Neutral Cleaning Solutions
Learn how ZESTRON can improve the reliability of critical electronic assemblies

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