Why pH Neutral Cleaning?

Compatible and Gentle


pH neutral solutions work with a large range of standard and innovative materials. They're easy to rinse, and gentle on precision cleaning equipment.

Tough on Flux and Other Residue

Environmentally Sound


pH neutral solutions match the performance of top-rated alkaline products for defluxing and undercomponent cleaning.

pH neutral cleaning solutions improve worker safety and make complying with waste water disposal regulations a snap.

High reliability applications with critical electronics require the utmost care to ensure lifetime performance.  While rigorous cleaning with alkaline solutions may seem cost effective, they often require inhibition packages for corrosion and oxidation resistance for material compatibility thereby increasing cleaning cost.

Fortunately, there is a better choice: pH neutral cleaning solutions from ZESTRON. They can:

  • Extend the lifespan of critical technologies
  • Provide exceptional undercomponent cleaning for low standoff components
  • Offer excellent compatibility with sensitive materials 
  • Reduce waste water neutralization requirements and disposal costs
  • Maintain optimum performance within a cost-effective process


Learn What pH Neutral Solutions Can Do For You!

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pH Neutral Cleaning Solutions
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