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Digital monitoring system that provides exceptionally accurate real-time data to ensure optimum cleaning efficiency. Ideal for high reliability applications that require process traceability consistent with quality assurance programs.

ZESTRON® Bath Analyzers 

Chemically targeted phase separation process that is precise, easy, compact and affordable—and available for all our defluxing and stencil cleaning products.

Maintaining your benchmark number is essential for ensuring critical electronics for high reliability applications.  The balance between effectively cleaning without damaging components or driving costs out of control must be considered. However, most engineers are still relying on a combination of technology from 1869 and manual procedures to keep their concentrations under control.

If you’re still using refractive index technology to determine concentration measurements, you could be missing your benchmark by 5%, 10%, 15%, or more.

Don't wait until field failure. Know—and control—your process quickly and accurately with the latest advances in concentration management from ZESTRON. Our CM solutions offer:
  • Closed-loop, feedback control
  • Accurate in fresh and loaded wash baths
  • Real-time, inline measurements
  • Continuous data storage for exceptional process traceability
  • Precision concentration and DI-water dosing


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Concentration Management
Advances in Accurate and Automatic Monitoring and Control

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